Park's Flower Seed Bio Dome Collection

Park's Flower Seed Bio Dome Collection

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Park's Bio Dome & Flower Seed Collection

Description / Park's Flower Seed Bio Dome Collection

Park's Bio Dome and Flower Seed Collection is a great choice. Of course, any gardener—beginner or seasoned pro—will love it, but it's also a fantastic gift for the whole family, perfect for a family project. It's a wonderful tool for teaching children how things grow, helping them appreciate the time and care it takes to sprout seedlings they planted themselves. And just think of the experiments you can do. Did someone say at home science fair?

Bio Dome is the most popular mini greenhouse system in America. It makes growing and transplanting young plants easy. Nothing compares for ease and successful germination. Our seed-starting system creates an ideal growing environment—a Goldilocks zone—where light, water, heat, and air circulation are just right for nurturing young seedlings. It produces bigger, healthier, better-rooted plants and guarantees great results for successive plantings season after season, year after year. It's virtually seed-starting magic.

Bio Dome is the most efficient system available and is endlessly reusable. And we sell only the best seeds, always GMO free, so it only makes sense to use the best germination system. Consistent germination saves you countless seeds by eliminating thinning and double sowing. The seedlings in Park's Bio Dome grow to a uniform height and width, and the Bio Sponges, our growing medium, encourage root growth downward, not in the upward spiral so typical of many other systems-no more spindly sprouts with curled-up roots and limp stems.

This collection includes the original 60-cell Bio Dome and 8 seed packets for growing some of the most robust and super easy to grow classic garden favorites. Several are pollinator friendly-attracting Monarch butterflies, honeybees, hummingbirds, and other beneficial pollinators-and most are perfect for cutting, keeping vases filled.

Butterfly Weed Asclepias Tuberosa, 2017 perennial plant of the year, is a native American perennial that blooms in big, bright orange, nectar-filled flowerheads, followed by ornamental seed pods that can be dried for everlasting arrangements. The flowers attract a bevy of bees and butterflies.

Garden Pink Siberian Blues produces masses of lavender-blue blooms in large clusters on tough plants.

Snapdragon Night and Day is strikingly bold, colored deep scarlet and pure white, and free-flowering.

Coleus Giant Exhibition Complete Mix contains up to a dozen different dramatically colored coleus plants.

Peppermint Candy Cosmos, a Fleuroselect Novelty Award winner, this plant blooms in daisy-like magenta-and-white blooms, each a unique coloration.

Marigold Fireball is a distinctive marigold ablaze in rich red, orange, bronze, and gold.

Zinnia Queen Red Lime, a Monarch favorite, is possibly the most uniquely colored zinnia in the world. The petals on its fully double flowers range in color from deep maroon at the base to fresh lime-green around the central cone, with shades of antique rose, vintage pink, and soft chartreuse in between.

Nasturtium Baby Rose, an AAS Flower winner, is a compact plant with petite dark pink blooms.

This Bio Dome collection includes everything necessary for a successful indoor growing experience, so you can give this gift with confidence. In fact, this just may be the best garden related gift ever. The only thing better would be two, so be sure to check out our Bio Dome and Organic Seed Collection.

Now, get growing.

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