Park's Tomato Solution Collection

Park's Tomato Solution Collection

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Ready for armloads of homegrown tomatoes? They're just 1 click away!
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Park's Tomato Solution Collection

Description / Park's Tomato Solution Collection

Have you always wanted to grow tomatoes at home but haven't known how or even where to start? Well, Park's Tomato Solution Collection is the answer. It has everything you need to grow armloads of Parks Whopper CR Improved Tomatoes. And these aren't just any tomatoes: these fan favorites are second-generation Whoppers with an even longer season, greater disease resistance, and higher yields of big—4-inch-plus—juicy, crack-resistant fruits with even better flavor.

And to ensure you get the biggest crop possible with the least amount of effort, we've included Tomato Fertilizer Spikes, Red Tomato Automator Trays, and High-Yield Red Tomato Mulch. The High-Yield Red Tomato Mulch and Red Tomato Automator Trays make tomato growing easier by reducing weeds and the plants' watering needs. In addition, the shiny red color of both is known to stimulate growth in tomato plants, increasing stem strength as well as fruit production and fruit size. So, the stockier plants not only produce more tomatoes that are larger and heavier but also support the additional bounty better with sturdier stems. However, to ensure these plants can handle their hefty yields, we've added Tomato Pens. Super-sized and heavy duty, each panel of the pens is 14½ inches wide and 48 inches high and is made of sturdy 8-gauge galvanized wire for years and years of use—and homegrown tomatoes.

Park's Tomato Solution Collection Includes:

Tomato Parks Whopper CR Improved (30 seeds. Indeterminate)

Tomato Fertilizer Spikes: packet contains 18 slow-release fertilizer spikes, which contain a powerful 8-24-8 NPK mix that promotes good root growth and heavy fruiting. Use with the Automator Tray.

Red Tomato Automator Tray: pack of 3 reusable trays that are all-purpose feeders, waterers, and weeders in one.

High-Yield Red Tomato Mulch: the 18 inches wide x 25 feet long sheet conserves water and prevents weed growth and nutrient erosion.

48-inch Tomato Pens: 3 wire cages. Made in the USA.

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