Sow Effortless Collection™ Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat

Sow Effortless Collection™ Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat
Sow Effortless Collection™ Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat
Sow Effortless Collection™ Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat

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Brighten your garden and attract butterflies with a marigold seed mat
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Description / Sow Effortless Collection™ Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat

Marigold Sparky Mix Seed Mat, a vibrant addition to the Sow Effortless Collection™, offers an uncomplicated path to growing a medley of marigolds. This marigold seed mat is pre-sown with a mixture of gold, orange, red, yellow, and bi-colored French Marigold Sparky Mix seeds, promising a long-blooming and colorful display. The marigold mix seed mat is perfect for containers, beds, borders. Standing up to 20 inches tall, these Sparky mix marigolds will not only enrich your outdoor space or pollinator garden with beauty but also serve as a natural insect deterrent in the vegetable garden.

With the 100% biodegradable marigold mix seed mat, starting your marigold garden has never been easier. Simply remove the marigold seed mat from the package, position the marigold seed mat in your garden or container, cover lightly with soil, and water. This 18 x 72 mat is designed to be planted in a garden bed or cut to fit containers. As the marigolds germinate, the mat dissolves, leaving marigolds perfectly spaced for optimal growth and beauty.

The Marigold Mix Seed Mat simplifies planting and embraces the joys of gardening with a flourish of colors and benefits. Ideal for gardeners seeking to add a pollinator-friendly and deer-resistant option to their green spaces, this marigold seed mat seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with practical gardening solutions.

For those looking to extend their gardening expertise beyond the vibrant blooms of the marigold seed mat, our blog Apps to Help You Grow and Answer Gardening Questions will introduce you to our invaluable gardening apps—From Seed to Spoon and Growbot—which provide essential insights and tips, making it easier for gardeners at all levels to cultivate their skills and thrive in their gardening journey.

Product Details

Genus Tagetes
Species patula
Variety Sparky Mix
Product Classification Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Mid Fall
Bloom Color Gold, Orange, Red
Foliage Color Medium Green
Habit Mound-shaped
Resistance Deer Resistance, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant
Characteristics Bloom First Year, Butterfly Lovers, Direct Sow, Easy Care Plants, Flower, Repeat Bloomer
Uses Beds, Border, Cut Flowers
Shipping Method Restrictions none
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