6 Essential Gardening Tools Every Gardener Needs

6 Essential Gardening Tools Every Gardener Needs
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6 Essential Gardening Tools Every Gardener Needs

The Right Tool Makes Every Task Easier

While everyone’s list of essential tools looks different, we’ve pulled together the top tools that should make just about every gardener’s list.

1. Garden gloves.

When you start out gardening, you might use inexpensive cotton garden gloves. They still have their place, like when you are doing dirty or muddy jobs. But now is the time to upgrade to a good pair of garden gloves. These gloves fit properly and are made to last. They have reinforced fingertips, making them puncture-resistant for gardening plants with thorns.

2. Potting bench.

This is an essential purchase that you will never regret. Made of galvanized steel, it can be left outside all year or placed inside your garden shed. The cleanup from any project is as easy as hosing the potting bench off! Your potting bench is perfect for potting plants, cleaning soil off the garden vegetables or trimming flower stems. The height is perfect for standing work or sitting on a stool.

3. Plant labels.

When you start gardening, you generally don’t think about plant labels. Maybe you thought you would remember what is planted where. Maybe you just stuck the empty seed package on a stick to make do. Now is the time to invest in some good plant labels. There are two types: permanent labels and seasonal labels. Get both. Use the permanent plant markers for the vegetables that you will grow every season. Use seasonal labels to mark the plants that you are trying out and may never plant again.

They are also great if you decide to try more than one variety. Use the temporary marker to differentiate between varieties of vegetables like beans or broccoli. You can’t compare them if you don’t know which is which. Plant labels are also essential if you are starting seeds indoors. Plants look similar when at seedling stage. Without labels, you won’t be able to tell which tomato is a cherry tomato and which is a paste tomato–much less which are the heirlooms and which are the hybrids.

4. Seed starter kit.

You may have tried planting some seeds in a pot on the windowsill, but now is the time for an upgrade. Purchasing a seed starter kit, like Parkseed’s Biodome, will help to assure your chances of success. The kit will include everything you will need to start seeds indoors for transplant to the garden in spring.

5. Tractor seat scoot.

If you find that you can’t stay in the garden as long as you would like because of aching knees or a hurt back, this seat could make all the difference. Constructed with wheels, a wide tractor seat for comfort, and the ability to swivel 360 degrees, this seat will allow you to garden large areas in comfort. The wheels prevent you from continually standing up and sitting down as you finish working in an area. You simply use your feet to propel yourself from one spot to the next while remaining seated.

6. Soil test kit.

Purchasing a soil test kit will allow you to check for the balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in your soil. Knowing these levels will help you accurately amend the soil to assure your plants will grow properly. Nitrogen is essential for leaf growth and green coloration. Phosphorus helps produce the plant’s fruit and seed, while potash contributes to the plant’s strength. The three numbers on the fertilizer you buy refers to the balance of these three elements in that fertilizer.

There’s no way we can list every tool available for gardeners, but all of these tools will aid your gardening efforts and help you grow the best food possible.