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Flowers to Try
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Flowers to Try

9 Must-Have Flower Seeds

Starting a garden brings a sense of excitement and anticipation, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect blooms to add to your garden. With a world full of vibrant colors, captivating fragrances, and stunning varieties, choosing the right seeds can feel like uncovering hidden treasures. Whether you're dreaming of a lush, fragrant haven or a visually striking floral masterpiece, the seeds you sow today lay the foundation for tomorrow's blossoms. In this blog post, we'll explore the must-have flower seeds that promise to transform your garden into a breathtaking display of nature's beauty. From timeless classics to rare and unique specimens, get ready to discover the seeds that will inspire your gardening journey and bring your floral visions to life.

Zinnia Queen Lime with Blotch

A new zinnia color that adds pizzazz! The Queen Lime with Blotch Zinnia has light-yellow color petals with a hint of lime green and a purple-pink color eye that pops in the center. Queen Lime is hearty zinnia lasting from summer to frost and makes a stunning accent to a cut flower arrangement or in landscape bedding.

Easy Waveâ„¢ F1 Lavender Sky Blue Petunia Seeds

Meet the Easy Waves! Carried on plants with a habit both mounding and spreading, they create a big impression in containers, baskets, and mixed bowls. For uniform bloom that continues all season, gorgeous flowers that catch the eye from across the patio, and carefree growth, rely on Sky!

Fiona Red Begonia

Begonia Fiona Red is a powerful color blast not only in gardens or landscapes, but also in containers. The radiant red semi-double flowers are genuinely eye-catching and provide continuous color throughout the summer until the first frost.

Marigold Big Duck Orange F1

Big Duck Orange will not be over shadowed by its sibling Big Duck Gold in a new marigold series that continues blooming throughout the season. These marigolds grow vigorously creating deep green foliage and an enormous 4-inch bloom, out lasting the competition..


It's finally here! We have all waited too long for a calibrachoa we could start from seed, instead of paying those high prices for plants (and being dependent on whatever colors and varieties happened to be available)!

Impatiens Imaraâ„¢ XDR

Beautiful and bountiful blooms are found in the Impatiens Imaraâ„¢ XDR. This high density, easy to grow plant is ideal as a shade bedding plant or complement to any patio pot. Impatiens Imaraâ„¢ XDR is a luminous white with a high degree of resistance to downy mildew.

Cosmos Apricot Lemonade

An apricot, central pink ring and pink reverse makes this Cosmos a stand out in any landscape or patio pot. The Cosmos Apricot Lemonade is the first early flowering Cosmos. It is a sturdy, up right bushy plant that can also be used in cut flower arrangements. If starting these seeds inside, be sure to wait until the plant is large enough to transplant and there is no risk of frost before moving outside.

Nasturtium Baby Rose

This petite marvel, an award-winning variety, thrives with minimal care, offering a vibrant splash of rose against lush, dark foliage. Even in the smallest spaces, with just a bit of soil, sunlight, and water, Nasturtium Baby Rose finds a way to express itself in full brilliance. 

Gerbera Revolution Bicolor Red Lemon

Commonly called the African Daisy, the Gerbera Revolution Bicolor Red Lemon, provides industry-leading seed quality in this upright potted plant. The Gerbera?s ravishing red tipped blooms fade to yellow with a two-tone dark eye outlined with deep orange. These beauties provide a better second flush of flowers than the competition assures with a much longer bloom time to enjoy year around.