Get Growing: Essential Products to Make Growing Your Garden Easier

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Get Growing: Essential Products to Make Growing Your Garden Easier

Helpful Tools to Start Growing from Seed - Indoors and Outdoors

Beginning a garden brings with it the joy of nurturing life from the soil, the anticipation of blossoming flowers and homegrown harvests, and the satisfaction of a vibrant garden. Yet, whether you're a pro or beginner, the path to a flourishing garden can be challenging. Fortunately, the gardening world is rich with innovative products designed to make the cultivation of your garden not just successful but also significantly easier. From state-of-the-art tools that simplify soil preparation to smart watering systems that ensure your plants are perfectly hydrated, this blog will introduce you to a curated selection of products that are game-changers in backyard gardening.

60 Cell Bio Dome60 Cell Bio Dome

Park's Original Bio Dome Seed Starter

With over 150 years of expertise, Park Seed leads the way in innovative gardening solutions, and our Bio Dome Seed Starting Systems are at the forefront of ease and efficiency in seed germination. Designed to provide the optimal environment for seed sprouting, the Bio Dome Systems ensure your seeds embark on their growth journey under the best conditions. Thanks to features like adjustable vents for precise air circulation and a bottom tray watering system for consistent moisture, your seeds will sprout rapidly and evenly, making them transplant-ready sooner. Start your seeds with the Park Seed Bio Dome and experience the simplicity and effectiveness of our system tailored just for your gardening success. Choose the right Bio Dome for your garden today and watch your seeds thrive.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Perma-Nest Plant Trays and Humidity Domes

These sturdy, washable, and endlessly reusable trays are perfect for a wide range of indoor gardening activities, from seed starting and seedling growth to potting plants and growing microgreens. Designed with straight, high sides for ample growth medium and the development of strong root systems, these trays are ideal for larger seeds, taproot species, and small bulbs. Exceptionally resistant to rot, rust, cracking, and breaking, Perma-Nest Trays withstand cold weather and heavy loads with ease. Their smooth, easily cleanable surface supports tape labeling for easy organization, stacks neatly for storage, and pairs perfectly with optional fitted humidity domes for enhanced indoor growing success.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel

A modern take on the traditional row cover that eliminates the hassle of steel hoops, yards of fabric, and cumbersome anchors. This telescoping system unfurls to protect your vegetable or flower rows, allowing water and sunlight in while keeping pests, harsh weather, and diseases at bay. Made from heavyweight, durable, yet porous polypropylene fleece, it provides the perfect balance of protection and plant health, admitting just the right amount of light and air. The tunnel is anchored securely with galvanized steel hoops that are easy to insert and strong enough to withstand severe weather. Adjustable drawstrings at both ends offer customizable protection and ventilation, and the ability to connect multiple tunnels for longer rows. 

Luster Leaf® RapiTest® Soil pH Meter

Discover the composition of your soil in mere seconds with this advanced digital LED soil analysis device. Perfect for quickly determining soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash levels, this cutting-edge tool delivers immediate results, enabling you to adjust your soil for optimal garden growth. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to accurately interpret color variations, the kit includes twenty-five testing capsules (10 for pH and 5 each for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash) for comprehensive soil assessment. Simply follow the straightforward instructions, insert the test tube into the optical reader, and receive precise, instant feedback to guide your garden to its full potential.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

AlgoPlus All-Purpose Fertilizer

Promotes rapid cell multiplication with an optimal balance of the three major elements, alongside essential macro- and micro-nutrients. This powerful formula is designed to significantly boost flower and vegetable yields, proving effective on a wide range of plants including roses, houseplants, perennials, and all types of annuals. Available in All-Purpose (6-6-6), Flowering (4-6-7), and Tomato (4-6-8) formulas, AlgoPlus caters to specific nutritional needs, promoting vibrant growth, robust root development, and prolific flowering and fruiting, making it an indispensable addition to any gardening regimen.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Biodegradable CowPots 3-inch 

The revolutionary nitrogen-rich seedling pots made from post-methane manure, offer an all-natural, odor-free, and mess-free solution to gardening that eliminates transplant shock. Crafted with care on a Connecticut dairy farm, these innovative pots are created from cow manure, with methane extracted to fuel farm buildings. The remaining material is transformed into nutrient-dense pots that decompose in the soil, enriching it with nitrogen and allowing for unimpeded root growth and optimal air circulation. Ideal for seeds, seedlings, and cuttings, CowPots not only promote vigorous plant growth but also contribute to a healthier planet by recycling waste into something beneficial for both gardens and the environment.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Protective Solar Insulating Jacket

Such a simple, effective idea! Just place a jacket around a young plant, fill its chambers with water, and forget about it. The sun heats up the water, which in turn creates a frost-free environment for the young plant, jump-starting the growing season and bringing in the harvest a month or more sooner!

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Espoma Organic Potting Mix

All-Natural "Soil" for Indoor and Outdoor Plants! Helps retain moisture in the soil and promote strong, healthy root growth.

Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy

Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat

9in x 19 1/2in Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat Raises the soil temperature to 85 or 90 degrees F, for bigger seedlings faster!