Must-Have Fruit

Must-Have Fruit
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Must-Have Fruit

Homegrown Berries, Apples, Figs, and Kiwi are Easier to Grow than You Might Imagine

Blueberries are super low maintenance, figs and pomegranates have little to no issues with disease, and blackberries are easy to grow, require little space, and have few disease and pest issues. Ready to give it a try?

Popular Homegrown Fruits to Try in Your Garden or Container

Sweetheart Blueberry

It's the only one of its kind in the world! A blueberry that sets two crops instead of just one has long been a dream of many gardeners, and now Sweetheart has made it come true . . . deliciously!

Fig Trees

A deciduous shrub or small tree, figs are beautiful plants that provide flavorful harvests of one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world.


A fruiting honeysuckle with loads of nutritious dark blue fruits that make delicious jams, jellies, and pie fillings – or snacking fresh from the shrub.

Pomegranate Plant

Self-pollinating, pomegranates are one of the easiest fruits to grow in your sunny garden. With its bushy habit and easy care, it’s great in your garden or on your patio.


You'll love the beautiful foliage and tasty fruit of the kiwi. Nutritious and delicious, the kiwi fruit's sweet flavor is like a mixture of banana, strawberry, and pineapple.

Quinault Strawberry Plant

These are the biggest, softest, juiciest, most delectable strawberries you can find for fresh eating! 'Quinault' is "the" name for giant, delicious berries, and if you've got even one strawberry lover in the family, you owe it to them to grow this easy, high-yielding plant! These berries are a full 2 inches wide, with soft flesh and dessert-quality flavor.


Easy to plant and very cold hardy, blackberries provide an abundance of sweet, juicy berries year after year – some plants live for decades.

Meyer Lemon

Enjoy the sweet taste of Meyer Lemons when you purchase one or more of our container-sized trees. The clusters of up to six deep yellow to orange Meyer lemons will add a pop of color to your porch or window ledge. When your tree isn't producing delicious fruit, you'll enjoy the sweet smell of its winter blooms.


Grapevines are beautiful and can live for decades. Productive and easy to grow, grapes are delicious eaten fresh from the vine, juiced, and used in preserves.