Unveiling the Newest Seed Varieties for Your 2024 Garden

Unveiling the Newest Seed Varieties for Your 2024 Garden
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Unveiling the Newest Seed Varieties for Your 2024 Garden

New, Exciting Vegetable and Flower Seeds

Every year we scout new seed varieties, whether they’re requested by you, discovered by our seed sleuths, or natural fits to add to our ever-growing collection. Let’s look at what’s new!


Embrace Sustainable Living with Our Newest Seed Collections

Seed Mix for Dry Places
Specially curated to thrive in areas with little rainfall or fast-draining soil, it’s a xeriscape garden’s quick and easy solution that fills tough spaces with beautiful, easy-care flowers.

Lawn Alternative Seed Mix
Grass alternatives, low-maintenance, and waterwise are trending and eco-friendly ideas for simplifying your yard care in 2024. Our groundcover collection gives you a colorful and easy-care mix to replace your grass lawn or fill in bare spots.

Spectacular Blooms: Flower Gardening Favorites for 2024

Rooting for Rudbeckia
A compact sister of Denver Daisy, Pawnee Spirit Rudbeckia bloom abundantly and uniformly with single flowers on strong stems. Native to North America, Pawnee Spirit is easy to grow and low maintenance.

Add Zing to the Garden with New Zinnias
So easy to grow from seed and an annual favorite for bouquets and colorful garden vistas. You’ll attract pollinators, too, with the loads of nectar-rich flowers that bloom from summer until frost.

Popular Petunias in New Colors and Forms
We all love easy to grow, non-stop blooms from petunias. Superbissima varieties are well-known for their hardiness and giant flowers! These small seeds are pelleted to make them easy for you to handle when planting.

Browse new begonias, celosia, allium, echinacea, and more to transform your garden with the newest flowers seeds and collections.

Exotic and Unexpected New Flower Seeds

Matilda Ptilotus is a Rare Newcomer to the Garden Scene in 2024
An excellent, low-maintenance choice for Mediterranean, cottage, rock, and xeriscape gardens, Matilda Ptilotus blooms prolifically from midsummer to fall. Conical-shaped lavender flowers beckon to pollinators and their long-lasting blooms are lovely in the garden and your vase.

Sweet Talk™ Lavender Splash Cuphea Seeds
Annual native (perennial in frost-free regions), this cuphea flowers abundantly with masses of bicolored blooms that are irresistible to pollinators. It’s heat-loving and drought tolerant with a compact growing habit, it’s at home in the landscape or patio container.

You’ll Go Zany for Gazania
Zany Sunny-Side Up Gazania is an all-season, award-winning, bicolored, bloomer with daisy-esque flowers in sunny golden-orange hues. Commonly called a treasure flower, you’ll cherish its colorful blooms and low-maintenance nature.

Long-lasting Lisianthus
Native to North America, Rosanne 2 Lisianthus grows naturally on the Great Plains. Unique light-to-medium green, flouncy double flowers provide shelter and food to pollinators while acting as a natural pest-control, too.



New Takes on Popular Vegetable Seeds

These 2024 new vegetable seeds are a gardener’s dream! You’ll have one tough decision to make, though, eat it or enjoy the ornamental beauty in the garden? They are as pretty as they are tasty.

Rainbow Candy Crush Ornamental Kale
An eye-catching edible ornamental kale that's both beautiful and delicious. Gather abundant harvests of superfood, kale, with compact, heavy heads and intensely colored leaves, it’s perfect for an edible landscape, small-space garden, and patio containers.

Clementine Cauliflower
You’ll enjoy mild, sweet, and nutty flavors from this Romanesco cauliflower. It looks as good as it tastes with a deep orange head of curds that holds its color when cooked. Eat raw, roasted, grilled, sauteed, steamed, or freeze for later.

Snak Hero Snap Pea
Oh, snap, time to snack! You’ll appreciate the pretty white flowers dangling from the vine first, and then the generous yields of crunchy, sweet, stringless pods. Eat them fresh off the vine, add to salads, cook in stir fries, or freeze for later use.

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach Seeds
An heirloom favorite, cold tolerant broad-leaf spinach that is one of the toughest of the cool-season crops yet still tolerates heat. They have a rich, sweet flavor with nutty undertones. Use fresh in salads and juices or saute.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener, a creative landscaper, a dedicated homesteader, or an enthusiastic florist, we’re excited to unveil an exclusive selection of the best seeds for 2024 — all just a click away in our online store!

Dive into the exciting hobby of gardening with our new seed selections for a truly spectacular 2024 garden bloom and harvest.