Winter Holidays Are for the Birds!

Winter Holidays Are for the Birds!
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Winter Holidays Are for the Birds!

Deck the Trees: A Guide to Creating a Bird-Friendly Holiday Wonderland

Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to give back to our feathered friends, as winter's harsh conditions make finding food a challenge for backyard birds. This festive season, why not celebrate with a bird tree? Decorate an outdoor tree with edible ornaments such as seed balls, peanuts in shells, and birdseed wreaths. These treats not only provide essential nutrition to birds but also add a delightful element to your winter garden.

Children and adults alike will find joy in assembling these decorations, transforming a simple tree into a holiday feast for birds. Positioning a traditional birdseed wreath near a window allows you to watch the birds dine, merging holiday spirit with nature watching. These charming ornaments serve as an invitation to all neighborhood birds, potentially inspiring your community to join in on this eco-friendly tradition.

At Park Seed, we embrace the spirit of giving by offering a variety of gardening gifts that contribute to this delightful holiday tradition. From specially designed birdseed ornaments to robust peanuts that withstand winter weather, our selection ensures that your garden visitors are well-fed and merry. Let's all contribute to keeping our feathered visitors nourished this winter—decorate your bird trees, fill up those feeders, and keep birdbaths ice-free. Here's to a joyful, bird-friendly holiday season!


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