10 Must-Have New Vegetables

10 Must-Have New Vegetables
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10 Must-Have New Vegetables

New and Popular Vegetables to Grow

Every year certain vegetables and varieites top the most popular list. Here are 10 favorites that make the list nearly every year. 

Park's Whopper Hybrid Yellow Bell Pepper

It's back and even better than before! A customer favorite for many years, Park's Whopper Bell Pepper returns with better disease resistance, higher yields, and even more delicious fruit!

Tomato Artisan™ Bumble Bee Mix Organic

Tomato Artisan™ Bumble Bee Mix Organic is absolute perfection. Pink, Purple, and Sunrise Bumble Bee tomatoes make up this sweet and tangy blend. Each tomato is striped, no two are alike, and mixed together they are stunning.

Organic Tomato Sakura

Sakura is a high-volume producing vegetable. Part of the cherry tomato family, for its small, circular shape and bright red color fruit, this organic annual creates a ton of delectable, shiny tomatoes starting early in the season lasting into the fall.

Watermelon Mambo Hybrid

Mambo's juicy, sweet flesh will become a staple to your daily snack, lunch or dessert plate. Summertime gardens dream of this watermelon. Mambo is an easy to grow variety producing perfectly round melons with an enchanting deep green rind and a bright red flesh.

Tomato Red Torch

Small garden and patio container friendly, Red Torch is a gorgeous, delicious hybrid, growing 2 feet tall. Don't let Red Torches size fool you, this compact beauty produces 50 or more succulent 3-4-ounce tomatoes during the season, so be sure to stake or cage it.

Organic Cucumber Paraiso F1

Cucumbers with delectable flavor and huge yields are almost unheard-of, but that's what Paraiso brings to the table! This vigorous vining plant delivers armloads of the most delicious cukes you will ever eat. The fruit reaches 8 to 9 inches long, slender and cylindrical, with faint stripes on the necks and a deep green, smooth, thin skin.

Cucumber Green Light F1

Grow Green Light Cucumbers on stakes or poles for a productive, easy-to-harvest vertical garden or on the ground for a sprawling cucumber wonderland. This plant will yield 40 or more spineless fruits per plant.

Tomato Celano F1

Celano is a hybrid grape tomato producing bright red, oblong shaped fruits weighing about 0.6 ounces. This tomato makes a great patio plant due to is dark green bushy foliage, 3-4-foot height and 24-inch width, but can also be planted in your garden in full sun.

Tomato Fire Fly

Not too big, and not too small. Fire fly is the perfect size snack or salad complement with juicy fruits that burst with flavor. The beautiful pale white to pale yellow color fruits produce round, super sweet, less than 1 inch in size and about 1/2 oz weight gems.

Winter Squash Mashed Potatoes

Named for its appearance after cooking, the Mashed Potato Winter Squash has a remarkable white exterior and interior. Mashed Potato produces three to four fruit per plant.

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