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Katie's Krops
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Katie's Krops

Empowering Youth to Feed Those in Need

That's the motto of Katie's Krops, a charity founded by a 10-year-old girl to fight hunger in America. Katie's grass-roots vegetable gardens grow produce that is donated to local soup kitchens and food banks. Now, at 16 years old, Katie's goal is to start 500 gardens in all 50 states, and we want to help! So we are donating a portion of the proceeds from select vegetable varieties directly to Katie's Krops. Park Seed has donated over $36,000 since 2015!

What a difference a garden makes! When she was in third grade, Katie grew a 40-lb cabbage, donated it to a local soup kitchen, and was surprised to learn that it had helped feed 275 people. Katie's passion for feeding the hungry from her garden was born.

Now, in her 20s, Katie has started many vegetable gardens in communities far beyond her own. Her charity, Katie's Krops, has a goal of starting 500 gardens in all 50 states. We at Park Seed are partnering with Katie's Krops to help those in need. Below you will find vegetable varieties marked with this symbol. We will donate a percentage of the price of each packet of these seeds directly to Katie's Krops. That way, you can be part of the Katie's Krops movement too!