Heirloom Flower Seeds & Plants

Add vibrant colors and liveliness to any home with floral blossoms and sprays. The role of flowers in your garden can range from a magnificent show-stopper display to pockets of beauty throughout your yard. 

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As low as $6.95
Giant Exhibition™ Complete Mix Coleus Heirloom Seeds
Common Milkweed Heirloom Seeds
As low as $4.95
Munstead Lavender Heirloom Seeds
'Hungarian Blue' Poppy Seeds
5 (4)
Park Seed Fragrant Giants Nasturtium Seeds
As low as $4.95
Moonflower Plant Vine Seeds
5 (1)
'Black Prince' Snapdragon Seeds
As low as $4.95
Sea Shells Mix Organic Cosmos Seeds
4.35 (6)
Tiger Eyes Marigold Seeds
As low as $5.95
Butterfly Weed Seeds
3 (2)
Monarch Butterfly Wildflower Mix Seeds
'Swiss Giants Mix' Pansy Heirloom Seeds
Baby Blue Eyes Seeds
5 (2)
Persian Carpet Mix Mexican Zinnia Seeds
As low as $6.95